Dynamic hierarchical bandwidth allocation using Russian Doll Model in EPON

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Sadon S.K.
Din N.M.
Al-Mansoori M.H.
Radzi N.A.
Mustafa I.S.
Yaacob M.
Majid M.S.A.
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This paper demonstrates a new hierarchical Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation algorithm using the Russian Doll Model (RDM) to allocate bandwidth for intra-Optical Network Unit (ONU) in an Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON). The allocation of bandwidth is based on the classification and prioritization of service. The algorithm addresses the requests of ONUs and provides differentiated services by balancing priority and fairness. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm performs well in supporting the triple-play services, i.e. video, voice, and data, as well as making effective adjustment in balancing bandwidth sharing between the ONUs compared with two other existing Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) algorithm. The proposed algorithms shows significant performance improvements in terms of bandwidth utilization, packet delay and the fairness. � 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Algorithms , Fiber optic networks , Frequency allocation , Optical communication , Band-width utilization , Bandwidth sharing , Differentiated Services , Dynamic bandwidth allocation , Dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithms , Ethernet passive optical networks , Packet delay , Performance improvements , Prioritization , Russian doll , Triple Play services , Bandwidth