Fuzzy Logic Rule-Based Dimmable Street Lighting System

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Amirul Haziq bin Azman
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Street lighting system has resulted in a lot of energy wastage due to its inability to control of street lights. Therefore, this paper focusing on how to reduce the energy wastage by controlling the brightness of street light by using fuzzy logic as its core when designing the street lighting control system. By installing motion sensor to the current system that have only light dependant resistor (LDR), to detect the presence of street user. This motion sensor introducing a new parameter to the system to give it a better understanding on the street current situation. Firstly, the street lighting control system were built by using MATLAB: Fuzzy Logic Toolboxes. The control system then been simulated in Simulink and the data collected from the simulation will be analysed to determine the energy that been consumed. It was concluded that when using a dimmable street lighting system instead of using the conventional “always ON/OFF” street lighting system, luminaires energy saving could be between 15% and 37.5%.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Fuzzy Logic , Control System , Microcontroller