Anaylysis of Grid Reliability of Hybrid Microgrid in Distribution Network for Rural Areas in Malaysia

dc.contributor.authorMohamad Hazwan bin Mustafaen_US
dc.descriptionInterim Semester 2020/2021en_US
dc.description.abstractHybrid Microgrid is a smaller grid that is made up of distributed generators which is integrated with the main grid network. As it is a relatively new technology, plenty research has been made in finding out the effectiveness of integrating a hybrid microgrid into the power supply network including its reliability. Power system reliability is one of the key aspects in designing a power system supply network and is defined as the ability of the power system to provide power to the required area. This project aims in designing and analysing the integration of hybrid microgrid into a conventional power supply in terms of the power supply system’s reliability in distribution level. To figure out whether or not the designed hybrid microgrid is able to support the load in islanded mode and to create the load profile of the system, a software called HOMER software has been used. HOMER is designed specifically to design and test hybrid microgrid integration in real life situations. After analysing the hybrid microgrid’s capabilities in supplying power to the test area, a reliability index named Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) has been used as the test power supply system’s reliability. This is done by calculating the availability and unavailability of each of the power generating units inside the power supply system by using the probability formula that is translated and calculated by using MATLAB coding. Multiple power supply scenarios have been analysed and it shows that LOLP of having hybrid microgrid integrated with the conventional power supply seems to be the most reliable compared to others scenarios. Through this, it is observed that having integration of hybrid microgrid does increase a power supply system’s reliability in a distribution level.en_US
dc.subjectHybrid Microgriden_US
dc.subjectRural Areasen_US
dc.titleAnaylysis of Grid Reliability of Hybrid Microgrid in Distribution Network for Rural Areas in Malaysiaen_US