Numerical Study of Double - Layered Microhannel Heat Sinks with Different

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Adzhar Imran Rusli
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This work numerically analyzes the thermal and hydraulic performance of double-layered microchannel heatsinks (DL-MCHS) for their application in the cooling of microelectronic devices with high heat flux. A comparison with a single-layered microchannel heat sink (SL-MCHS) with the same triangular microchannel reviewed the superiority of the double layered microchannel heat sinks. Five DL-MCHS have been studied and compared with various cross-sectional shapes which are triangular, rectangular, pill, octagon and arrow-shaped. The results indicate that DL-MCHS significantly reduced wall temperatures and thermal resistance, caused much more uniform distribution of the wall temperature, and improved the pressure drop and pumping power compared to SL-MCHS. The DL-MCHS performed the worst in terms of thermal resistance, pressure drop, and pumping capacity with octagon microchannel. The DL-MCHS with rectangular microchannel delivered the best overall thermal performance and tended to be the optimum when the primary concern was thermal performance. Nonetheless, the DL-MCHS with arrow shaped microchannel should be selected when the most important consideration was the pumping power consumption
double - layered microchannel heat sinks , microchannel shape , numerical study