The Effect of Multidimensional Factors on Organizational Adoption of Enterprise Architecture: The Moderating Role of Organization Type

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Ahmad N.A.
Drus S.M.
Kasim H.
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This study explains the effects of organization type on the relationship between multidimensional factors and enterprise architecture (EA) adoption from the perspective of the organization. This study employs the Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) framework to develop and test the model to explain EA adoption intention. Despite the importance of EA adoption in the public sector, very few empirical studies examined the key factors of EA adoption by public sector organizations and there remains a paucity of evidence on the moderating effect of organization type in the adoption of EA. This study underpinned the technology adoption model of TOE framework. A questionnaire was operationalized to measure the perceptions of Malaysian public sector organizations towards factors influencing EA adoption intention. Data collected through a survey covering 255 validated responses were analyzed using SMART-PLS tool. The results of the survey suggest that good governance, expected benefits and moderating effect have significant effects on EA adoption intention. In addition, organization type in the Malaysian public sector plays different roles on the relationships of good governance and expected benefit towards organizations' EA adoption. Interestingly, adequate ICT infrastructure, external support and top management support were found as insignificant factors in this study. The study includes implications for academic researchers, decision-makers and practitioners to understand the influence of multidimensional factors and effectively conclude on the adoption process. The decision-makers can use the EA adoption model as a baseline for boosting EA adoption among MPS organizations. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Surveys; Enterprise Architecture; ICT infrastructures; Malaysian public sectors; Organizational adoptions; Public sector organization; Technology adoption models; Technology-organization-environment frameworks; Top management support; Decision making