Passenger Load Factor for Bus Service Quality in Southern Peninsular Malaysia

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Muhammad Izzat Azhar bin Khebir
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The increased population in the past 10 years causing additional vehicles on the route that causing the major congestion especially in a developing country like Malaysia. Thus, the government has taken some initiative in order to solve this problem by improving the public bus service. The initiative on upgrading the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) was aimed to attract more users to use public transport. However, the implementation had some seatback, and passenger had voiced their dissatisfaction service on public transport in some news reports. As Southern Peninsular Malaysia which is Johor Bahru, City of Malacca, and Seremban, don’t have a comprehensive study conducted previously, a study is needed to provide a detailed analysis of the bus service performance of passenger load in southern peninsular Malaysia. In this study, the Trans Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCQSM) was used to evaluating the service quality of the bus. There were 6 attributes in the manual but only 3 of them will be considered, which is Service Frequency, Hours of Service, and Passenger Load, based on the previous journal and papers. A total of 3 operators has been chosen with 6 different routes for each area of study in Southern Peninsular Malaysia. Based on the result and analysis, the overall Quality of Service is QOS E, QOS D, and QOS A for Johor Baharu, City of Malacca, and Seremban respectively which it is falls within the minimum level. Thus, improvement is needed for the level of service in these three areas. Besides, this thesis is giving an overview to the authority and the bus operator on which part that need to improve the service quality. This study can also be continued for future study, where cover more route to give a more comprehensive result on the public buses.
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Passenger Load for Bus Servicec