Modeling the effect in of criticality from changes in key parameters for small High Temperature Nuclear Reactor (U-Battery�) using MCNP4C

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Pauzi A.M.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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The neutron transport code, Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) which was wellkown as the gold standard in predicting nuclear reaction was used to model the small nuclear reactor core called �U-battery��, which was develop by the University of Manchester and Delft Institute of Technology. The paper introduces on the concept of modeling the small reactor core, a high temperature reactor (HTR) type with small coated TRISO fuel particle in graphite matrix using the MCNPv4C software. The criticality of the core were calculated using the software and analysed by changing key parameters such coolant type, fuel type and enrichment levels, cladding materials, and control rod type. The criticality results from the simulation were validated using the SCALE 5.1 software by [1] M Ding and J L Kloosterman, 2010. The data produced from these analyses would be used as part of the process of proposing initial core layout and a provisional list of materials for newly design reactor core. In the future, the criticality study would be continued with different core configurations and geometries. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Computer software , Criticality (nuclear fission) , Reactor cores , Small nuclear reactors , Cladding material , Core configuration , Gold standards , Graphite matrix , High temperature nuclear reactors , Monte carlo n particles , Neutron transport , University of Manchester , conference proceeding , data set , high temperature , model validation , nuclear power plant , numerical model , software , standard (reference) , High temperature reactors