Pre-heating treatment for biogas fuel through post-heating of heat exchange process by electrical heating rod

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Gavin Rajkumar
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This thesis aims to show how to increase the efficiency of a biogas turbine engine generator by adding an electrical heating element to the already pre-design system, which includes a heat exchanger. The system works on a study of maintaining the maximum optimum temperature of a biogas fuel before entering the biogas engine. We see previously that a heat exchanger doesn't produce a constant output, in terms of biogas fuel temperature levels, the goal was to achieve an increase of 1% - 5%, and the study made an achievement of 5% - 7% increase in temperature levels that are constantly maintained. The study showed is based on the theory that if the biogas engine can maintain a more efficiency increase in combusting, therefore the same amount of fuel used before will last a longer period and therefore producing more power. Through estimation there will be an estimate 4% - 8% increase in power output, which can be translated to a 1kW - 5kW of increased output power. The study shows that through this new addition of the electrical heating element system or module the increase shown will definitely make a strong difference in its efficiency as the system itself through simulation can achieve double of that of the goal which is 75°C. This shows an effective system which needs to undergo prototyping and testing to get real world results.
Biodiesel fuels , Fuel