CFD investigation on stairwell smoke ventilation :case of coe bn block emergency route

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Mohamammad Rizhuan bin Bahring
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ABSTRACT This research paper was conducted to study the smoke movement and ambient airflow in a stairwell under free flow of smoke source in BN stairwell block building. The simulation was carried out using Ansys CFD software in order to observe the behavior of smoke and decide the best placement of ventilation at the BN stairwell block building. Ansys CFX software is a computational fluid dynamic software for turbomachinery applications and good to use for observing variety of fluid materials or even mixture of materials can be done using CFX. The result was presented using contour figure for temperature, velocity and density, while streamline of velocity and density was shown in order to know the flow of the smoke itself. The graph for temperature, velocity and density was plotted and analyzed in the result and analysis section. As the smoke propagated upwards from smoke source at floor 1 depends on turbulent mixing in the stairwell in the current work, it was then accumulated at floor 3 of the building thus would be a good placement for the ventilation when simulating at floor 1.
Interim semester 2020 / 2021
Stairwell , Fluid dynamic , Smoke behavior