A systematic review on data security and patient privacy issues in electronic medical records

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Mahfuth A.
Dhillon J.S.
Mohd Drus S.
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The adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in healthcare organizations has numerous benefits to physicians, patients, and healthcare services. However, unresolved security and privacy concerns pertaining to patient information cause relatively low adoption of EMR by health institutions. Safeguarding large amount of sensitive health data at different locations and forms proves to be a major challenge of EMR. In this paper, a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) is presented to (1) identify the security and privacy concerns in the adoption of EMR by health organizations and (2) to analyze the existing solutions in addressing the identified concerns. A total of 393 papers were found in this regard. After careful study and the removal of duplicate papers and screening of studies, 15 papers which met the inclusion criteria were selected for the review. This review will help researchers to be aware of the privacy and security concerns of EMR and the existing solutions. The review revealed that the security and privacy issues related to EMR are inadequately addressed. This study indicates that the technical and financial supports are insufficient to overcome the security issues of EMR, and thus, the success factors and security culture should be investigated. Developing countries meet many challenges in adopting EMR, especially due to the lack of security policy and background infrastructure. Hence, novel solutions such as best practice guidelines with respect to security and privacy are necessary to aid successfully adoption EMR. � 2005 - 2016 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.