Design and development of small inner wall pressed robot for pipe inspection

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Muhammad Aliff Ishak
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This thesis presents the design and development of the small inner wall pressed robot for pipe inspection. This project is important to ease the inspection process for small pipe diameter since the available inspection robot in the market does not suitable for small pipe diameter inspection. With this new inspection robot, the inspection process in small pipe diameter can be proceed smoothly and able to inspect any defects such as corrosion, leakages and cracking within the pipeline. The design requirements such as robot diameter, movement ability and image acquired have been the guidance for the design process. The key component of this robot is the lifting mechanism which is important for the movement ability in vertical direction. From the analysis, all of the major component such as magnetic wheel, lifting mechanism, driving mechanism and motor selection are having no problem to achieve the design requirements for this project. Each of the major components such as body parts and lifting mechanism has been fabricated by using the 3D Printing from CAMARO LAB. of Universiti Tenaga Nasional and was assembled together with the other component which acquired from others place. From the testing that has been conducted, all of the design requirements and objectives have been successfully achieved. Despite of that, some of the recommendations for the future design of the robot are needed to improve the ability of the robot in inspection process. Last but not least, this project is important for the inspection process, not only to ease the process but also to bring the application of the inspection robot move further forward.
TA660.P55 M83 2015
Pipelines , Water-Pipes-Inspection