Early tube leak detection system for steam boiler at KEV power plant

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Ismail F.B.
Singh D.
Maisurah N.
Musa A.B.B.
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EDP Sciences
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Tube leakage in boilers has been a major contribution to trips which eventually leads to power plant shut downs. Training of network and developing artificial neural network (ANN) models are essential in fault detection in critically large systems. This research focusses on the ANN modelling through training and validation of real data acquired from a sub-critical boiler unit. The artificial neural network (ANN) was used to develop a compatible model and to evaluate the working properties and behaviour of boiler. The training and validation of real data has been applied using the feed-forward with back-propagation (BP). The right combination of number of neurons, number of hidden layers, training algorithms and training functions was run to achieve the best ANN model with lowest error. The ANN was trained and validated using real site data acquired from a coal fired power plant in Malaysia. The results showed that the Neural Network (NN) with one hidden layers performed better than two hidden layer using feed-forward back-propagation network. The outcome from this study give us the best ANN model which eventually allows for early detection of boiler tube leakages, and forecast of a trip before the real shutdown. This will eventually reduce shutdowns in power plants. � 2016 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.
Backpropagation; Coal; Coal fired boilers; Engineering research; Engines; Fault detection; Fossil fuel power plants; Leak detection; Neural networks; Plant shutdowns; Steam power plants; Artificial neural network models; Coal-fired power plant; Feed-forward back propagation networks; Hidden layers; Neural network (nn); Training algorithms; Training function; Working properties; Boilers