A Multi-Pulse Phase-Modulation/Duty Cycle Control for a Triple Active Bridge Converter

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Al-Jafeary I.M.K.
Tan N.M.L.
Mansor M.B.
Buticchi G.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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This paper proposes a Multi-Pulse Phase Modulation/Duty Cycle Control (MP-PM/DCC) switching technique for a Triple Active Bridge (TAB) converter. Using the proposed technique, one full-bridge converter is switched with a single pulse of duty cycle 50% and a switching frequency 20-kHz. Contrary to the conventional switching technique, the other two full-bridges are switched with multi-pulses of varying sub-portion duty cycles, and have switching frequency of N times of 20 kHz. Simulation results using Simulink have shown significant improvements in terms of increasing in power output of converter by 5% if it is compared with the typical single-pulse phase-shift switching technique. Also, the proposed technique results in reducing the size of TAB converter as the same power transfer value can be achieved with reduced leakage inductances when compared to the typical switching technique. � 2022 IEEE.
DC-DC converters; More electric aircraft; Phase modulation; Switching; Bidirectional isolated dc-dc converter; Bridge converter; Duty cycle control; Duty-cycle; More electric aircraft; Multiple active bridge; Multipulses; Pulse phase; Single pulse; Switching techniques; Energy transfer