Development of spawning and mobility model for heavyweight software agent

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Alshaki O.T.
Ahmad M.S.
Mahmoud M.A.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Mobile agent technology has been implemented in many distributed computing domains and is becoming more popular. Several research have been conducted to address its challenges including two most important ones which are agent spawning and agent mobility. Solutions to such challenges include distributing tasks to other agents or migrating to remote hosts. In this paper, we discuss the issues of agent spawning and mobility and propose a new framework for dynamic spawning of agents, an alternative approach to the problem of local agent overloads. Agent spawning subsumes task transfer and agent mobility. Our paradigm entails that agents may spawn, pass tasks to others, merge or die. Spawning results in better software performance in terms of processing time, enhances efficiency of network utilization and reduce communication and computation loads. � 2015 IEEE.
Distributed computer systems; Multi agent systems; Robotics; Software agents; Agent mobilities; Computation loads; Mobile agent technology; Mobility model; Net work utilization; Processing time; Software performance; Task transfer; Mobile agents