Development of IoT based smart lighting and smart curtain systems

dc.contributor.authorCharlene Primus
dc.descriptionTK7881.25.C42 2019
dc.description.abstractInternet that provides anytime, anywhere connectivity with anyone is expanding towards the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT plays a major role in the smart home technology. Implementation of IoT based smart home can help consumer to save energy as well as increasing living comfort. This paper propose a smart lighting and smart curtain systems that can help with energy saving. Arduino Mega is used as a microcontroller to collect and process the data obtained and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module is used as the wireless communication. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) and pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensors are required to obtain data on light intensity and detection of motion. Relay is used to control the switching of lamp and opening of curtains are driven by the rotation of servo motors. A graphic user interface (GUI) is developed to allow user to monitor and control the system from their smartphone. The illuminance and energy consumption of the lighting system were measured and observed. The automatic operation of the curtain system was observed every two hours and measurement of the room illuminance was done. The study reveals that the operation hour of the lighting system reduce that results in reduction of energy consumption of lighting by 80%.
dc.subjectHome automation
dc.subjectInternet of things
dc.titleDevelopment of IoT based smart lighting and smart curtain systems
dc.typeResource Types::text::Final Year Project